Welcome to Anna's Homepage!!!
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Welcome to the homepage of: Anna R. v/d Meer!!!

Introducing myself:

As you all know now, my name is Anna R. van der Meer. I'm 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I live in a little town called Dronrijp, which is in the province Friesland. Below you can see a picture of an area close to my house.
I've finished my school (HAVO) in 1998 at the Comenius College in Leeuwarden.
Right now I'm an exchange student in the United States of America. I live with my hostfamily in Longview, which is in Washington State, on the west coast. I go to a highschool in Longview, called Mark Morris Highschool. I'm a senior there and hope to graduate in 1999. When I'm back in the Netherlands, July '99, I will return school and go to HBO-verpleegkunde, which is also in Leeuwarden.
I really like to play sports as: soccer and volleyball. I like to hike in the mountains, but I also like the beach. Besides I like to surf on the internet and play games.
My favorite show is the Teletubby Show and my favorite movie is Air Force One. My favorite actor is Jason Patric.
I like to listen to music, all kinds. My favorite music group is Roxette. I also like Worlds Apart.
I love to travel and I've visited a lot of places like: France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, England, Italy and America.

A.R. v/d Meer

January '99